Wedding Dress Foods for a Bridal Shower

Make your bridal shower dessert table fashionable

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Wedding Dress Foods

There are three stars at every wedding: the bride, the groom, and the dress. If the wedding involves a gown of white, it is probably on the bride's top-five priority list. After all, the bride is supposed to feel like the most beautiful person in all the world on the big wedding day. And if your favorite bride-to-be is obsessing over her dress, it is only fitting you work the wedding dress into the bridal shower theme.

Wedding dress-themed foods are the perfect way to incorporate her beloved frock into the bridal shower. From delicate cookies to sculpted cakes, wedding dress foods are all the rage at bridal parties this year.

Subtle Wedding Dress

Make a batch of delicate lace cookies topped with powdered sugar as a nod to the dress.



Wedding Dress Cake Pops

There little sculpted wonders make fabulous favors.

wedd ress cake pops

(Flickr/Bianca Benn)

Barbie's Wedding

Her wedding dress is literally the food!


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