Wedding Doves Killed and Eaten

Snow-white doves are romantic, but also delicious

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

A couple released 100 white doves as a romantic wedding gesture, but onlookers caught the birds for dinner.

Releasing a corps of snow-white wedding doves is a romantic gesture, but it's also pretty wasteful from the perspective of someone who might want to eat those birds. Just moments after one couple caught their romantic moment on film this week, onlookers swarmed the area to catch slow-moving doves for dinner.

According to RocketNews24, an engaged couple celebrating at Swan Lake in China's Anhui Province bought 100 white doves to release into the background of their wedding photos, but as soon as the couple and their photographers had left the area, the onlookers pounced on the just-freed doves.

"You can eat them," one dove-catcher told a reporter who asked why everyone was chasing the doves. "Just make a pigeon dish."

Doves and pigeons are edible fowl, and the people watching the wedding at Swan Lake weren't going to let all that deliciousness just fly away. Many people just caught the birds in their bare hands, which sounds difficult for anybody who is not part cat, but in the end the dove-hunters managed to catch nearly all 100 of the birds. Only a few lucky birds managed to escape.

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Doves can be prepared in any pigeon dish, like the ones found among our best pigeon recipes.