Wedding Cake Toppers For Food 'Lovers'

We have seen almost every kind of wedding cake there is — from Disney-inspired to Bollywood tiers, we are constantly looking for the coolest cakes around.But with all the variety out there, sometimes we forget that the smallest detail can make a difference and we forget to pay attention to the wedding cake's best accessory: the topper.

For decades there wasn't anything special about the cake topper. It was simply a porcelain figurine of a bride in white next to her groom. But like many wedded couples today, the bride and groom do not fit into that cookie-cutter mold. They have personalities — big ones — and want to show them off. And what better place to do that then atop your nuptial cake?

Here are some great cake toppers for you and your food-loving partner:

Professional Cooks

Are you and your sweetie in the food industry? This topper is for you!

Barbecuing Couple

These two love grilling and backyard parties as much as they love each other!

Simply Stated

Really, what more could you ask of a future with someone?