We're Gettin' Fancy.

2014-01-14 12.37.33 pm

So you're cool enough to have heard about Spoon, but we're not letting your coolness stop there. We also want to give you the latest in random, awesome gadgets from our friends at Fancy, who will let you buy these thangs right on the screen. Yes, perfect for impulse purchases. So when you're bored in class or lying in bed wide awake at 3am, check in with our list of cool shit, updated daily.

One and done.
Compact Food Prep Set ($50)

Because the world's greatest ideas happen after a couple of beers.
Lightbulb Beer Glass ($12)

You find moldy fruits and vegetables way too often. This paper will help you save money and eat better.
FreshPaper (10 packs for $46)

He seems chill.
Mister Tea Infuser ($14)

This could take your frat from mid to upper tier.
Ice cream cone lamp ($50)

Digging for a spoon in a drawer of sharp knives is a bad idea. Do your fingers a favor.
Kitchen Safe Blade Cover ($12)

Great for Halloween or...slap the bag.
Reusable hydration bag ($14)

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