We Need This Oreo Separating Machine in Our Lives

Yes, we know it's an ad, but look at it!

Remember that Oreo Super Bowl ad where people got into a whisper fight arguing about the best part of an Oreo? Well, here's a machine to bring the two sides together.

The cookie company commissioned physicist (and cookie-part lover) David Neevel to build a machine that separates the cream from the cookie. The final machine he builds is incredibly cool (although it's prefaced by a "DO NOT ATTEMPT" caption), where the machine slices the cookie in half, sets the cookies cream side up, and scrapes all the cream off.

One qualm we do have with this design: the scraped off cream just ends up in clumps, almost like trash. We know Neevel likes the cookie part better, but come on man. We could be best friends. Just find a better way to present the filling at the end and we're good.

Watch the machine in progress below, with the full process as seen from above starting at 3:30.

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