We All Scream for Ice Cream

The California sun increases the need for ice cream

Coolhaus ice cream truck (Photo: kizzzbeth/CC4.0)

The soaring summer temperatures are leaving Santa Monica and Berkeley screaming for more ice cream. The two California cities are welcoming new ice cream venues to the cityscape.

The popular food truck CoolHaus will grace the Santa Monica boardwalk with a pink and gray food cart. CoolHaus ice cream trucks can already be spotted in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, and Dallas serving up fried chicken, waffle-flavored ice cream, and blackberry-ginger sorbet. The Santa Monica food cart will be offering a variety of traditional and edgy flavors. It will be located near the Shutters Hotel and open for business from noon until6 p.m. every weekend.

In Berkeley, Sketch Ice Cream is reopening their doors after a three-year breach. The ice cream shop owners Eric and Ruthie Shelton took time off to raise their daughter, but now that she is heading off to preschool they are back in business. The new facility at the Fourth and University complex is much larger than their original storefront. They also plan to expand their menu past their organic seasonal flavors and include baked goods. They anticipate opening in mid-July.


With these addendums, Santa Monica and Berkeley will not need to look much farther to satisfy their ice cream needs.