11 Things Restaurant Customers Do That Servers Absolutely Hate

Nobody wants to admit to being annoying. The most annoying people probably don't even realize that they're annoying, and that makes them even more annoying. And when we're in a restaurant, the one person we annoy the most (unless it's our date) is our waiter or waitress, and we might not even realize it.

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We'll start by saying that the minimum allowed hourly wage for tipped employees is $7.25. Do the math, and that comes out to $348 per week, assuming eight hours worked per day for six days a week — before taxes. This doesn't just mean that you should always leave a good tip (which you absolutely should), it also means that you should go out of your way to be as not-annoying to these underpaid folks as possible.

How, exactly, are you annoying your server? It's good to remind yourself of the Golden Rule: Treat other people as you'd wish to be treated yourself. If you were taking someone's order, would you like it if the customer said, "Yeah, gimme a chicken sandwich," and then shouted your name and demanded more ketchup while you were busy taking someone else's order? Yeah, you'd probably be a little annoyed with that guy, too.

It's not easy to ask people what they want to eat for a living, and if you go out of your way to be a polite and friendly customer, you'll most likely have a better time, and you'll make your server's day a little easier as well. Read on to learn about 11 things restaurant customers do that servers hate.