Watermelon Soju At Pocha 32

We know what you're thinking. What's so special about watermelon soju at a Korean restaurant? At Pocha 32 in New York's Korea-Town, in the answer is presentation. The drink is actually served inside a hollowed-out, halved watermelon. You're given a ladle, and chilled camping-style tins for self-service. It's an ideal drink to split among friends, and a pretty good deal at $24— you can easily get upwards of six liberal pours.


The drink is refreshing, and not too sweet (an accomplishment for a fruit cocktail), and the flavor is a dead ringer for watermelon Bubbalicious gum. It evokes summer and backyard barbecues. The bonus, of course, is scraping out spoonfuls of the saturated fruit once all the soju has been downed. Just be forewarned: this stuff is more potent than the taste would suggest.