Water Sommeliers the Next Big Trend?

Water bars and water menus are popping up in restaurants around the world

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

In addition to feeling completely clueless when looking through a wine list (see here for help), we can now wonder what the difference is between water in Germany and water from France.

LA Times reports that Ray's and Stark, the restaurant at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, will be launching a water menu Monday, selling high-end bottled waters (some sold for a whopping $20. Is that a starter?).

Apparently, water menus have been a trend — The Bazaar in Beverly Hills had a water menu some years back, the LA Times says, while Le Water Bar Colette in Paris sells some 60 bottles of gourmet water.

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So what types of water are available? Iskilde "cold spring" water from Denmark is sweet and slightly earthy, while Voss is slightly bitter. And while these bottled water menus might not fly at a local taqueria, we could see some place like Le Bernardin having a couple of select high-end waters to choose from. But of course this would all happen in Los Angeles; everyone knows they have shoddy tap water.