Watch a Vodka Bottle Catch Fire Inside Store

Holy crap: sunlight on some vodka bottles started a massive fire inside a liquor store

Nope, we don't recommend using vodka to start any fires. And from the lessons of one Minnesota liquor store: don't leave vodka in the sunlight for too long. 

The vodka bottles acted as a sort of magnifying glass in the Red Lion Liquors store in Burnsville, Minn. They slowly started the fire with the cardboard display, as the ceiling fan fanned the flames. As the smoke started to swirl, the bottles became so hot that the lids popped off, spewing hot vodka all over the store. Yikes. Looks like liquor stores might need to start thinking about fire regulations in the future. 

Watch the newscast of the story to see the flames for yourself — that will make you rethink where you store your booze in the future.