Watch Snoop's New Hot Pockets Music Video 'Pocket Like It's Hot'

How did we not see this coming? Or rather, how did this not happen sooner? Snoop (Lion?  Dogg? Whatever he's calling himself these days... ) has dropped "Pocket Like It's Hot" for Hot Pockets, which he's a brand ambassador of (for obvious reasons).

Anyway, check out this Hot Pockets take on "Drop it Like It's Hot" with DeStorm Power, as Snoop pulls a Hot Pocket out of a fancy carrying case. Microwaves, pepperoni slices, and the Hot Pockets themselves get center stage. Sample lyrics: "Winners get the meaty meats/ Winners get da cheesy eats/ The tag-team meal that's too hot for TV." Another gem? "Get off my pockets, you gotta back up/ up that's whatssup, now sign the prenups / Me and Hot Pockets never gonna splitup/ You should think about it... take a second." Yes.

So when exactly should you "pocket like it's hot? "Hungry kids in the crib ma," and "When the craving's got a hold of you," and most definitely when "yo munchies get an attitude." Watch is below.