Watch Orchestra Play Wine Glasses As Instruments (They're Really Good)

What would you do with 130 liters of wine and 250 wine glasses (with maybe a couple of wine barrels in the back)? These people got it together to create some music, in what's arguably the coolest liquid music since Sandra Bullock struck up the water glasses in Miss Congeniality. (Yeah, we know you remember that scene.

This time, the Tasca d'Almerita winery struck up some chords with 10 musicians, wine glasses, wine bottles, and even a wine barrel. They've even got a composer on hand to carry it out. "With this musical piece, wine is at one time composer, performer, and main character," writes the winery in its YouTube description, in what's the most lyrical description we've ever heard from a winery. 

Check out the full song below — you'll be pleasantly surprised (and maybe just a little thirsty afterwards).