Watch Movies Currently in Theaters at Home With PRIMA Cinema


So, you just finished installing your dream luxury home theater and are finally ready to start enjoying it. Considering you spent so much time making everything perfect, from the screen and the sound to the comfy seats, you would probably rather watch a new flick in your new setup rather than at your local AMC. Thankfully, PRIMA Cinema makes that possible by bringing movies to your private theater on the same day of their box office release.


Designed in California and built in the USA, the PRIMA Player and Biometric Reader can be mounted on a rack for easy use. Movies are automatically updated over the internet on the same day they're release, and sometimes even sooner. PRIMA (which can hold up to 50 films) also has built-in 3D support, which apparently gives "better clarity and deeper colors" than your Blu-ray player. It even has a wired fingerprint reader to keep your information secure.

As part of their plan to bring The IMAX Experience into homes, IMAX decided to acquire a stake and option position in PRIMA. They're planning on bringing PRIMA technology into their private theaters, getting a five-year window of exclusivity to distribute and resell PRIMA systems in China.

Personally, I would use PRIMA to stage at-home movie premieres for my friends. Sure, standing in line at the box office with all the die-hards dressed as trolls may be amusing (for about five minutes), but I'd much rather watch the latest Hobbit installment at home.

Of course, the system costs around $35k (with 24-hour rentals running $500 and $600 for 3D), but if you want to live like a studio elite and see movies before anyone else, it may be worth it.