Watch How A (Giant) Toffee Crisp Is Made

You have to be a true chocoholic to take on a project like this.

From CBS News, Bristol resident Jess Baker makes her own "Giant Kit Kat" using nearly 10 pounds of chocolate, five bags of toffees, and two enormous packages of Rice Krispies. The time-lapse video shows a very dedicated process: melting chocolate and toffee; pouring the chocolate, toffee, and Rice Krispies mixture into a giant white container; popping it out and trimming it to shape; and wrapping it in a uniquely designed (and enormous) candy wrapper. (Hey, it's only 583.3 grams of fat!) Let's just say, the cat pictured in the video could easily be crushed by this chocolate monster.

Check out the video below, and prepare to drool.