Watch a Dramatic Reading of a Yelp Review

Actor Chris Kipiniak dramatizes the pain of a disgruntled Yelper

There’s a new brand of literature out there, and chances are, you probably know of it — even if you don’t realize it: the Yelp review.

Yelp, while empowering customers by providing a democratic forum to reflect on their consumer experiences, also leaves a lot to be desired. Consistency, for example, is often impossible to find, leaving the prospective diner at more of a loss than when they began their Yelp-scapade. All it takes is one searing review about rude wait staff or an all-too-detailed report of an uninvited hair to make even the most enthusiastic diner think twice about their choice.

Yelp literature can take on many forms — from haiku to caps-locked rants, and often says more about the author than about the establishment they’re reviewing.

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Here, The Good Wife and Law & Order actor Chris Kipiniak makes light of a particularly Yelptastic review of the Stratford Diner located in Stratford, NJ with a rousing dramatic reading of one disgruntled customer’s strange, unsavory remarks about the place.