Watch 'Downton Arby's'

Fans of PBS's hit drama detailing the life of the Crawley family and their staff have been anxiously awaiting the premiere of season three, the date of which has yet to be announced. In the meantime, the folks behind Sketchy, a video series on Yahoo's new comedy channel, have produced a sketch that's sure to keep fans chuckling away. 

While the video replaces the backdrop of the Downton Abbey estate with an Arby's, the sketch manages to capture the formal, stately tone of the show expertly — right down to the swelling soundtrack. The sketch portrays Matt Walsh as the character of Lord Grantham, alongside Richard Kind, Erin Gibson, Jennie Pierson, and many others.

The characters deal with the same situations that they do in the show, except they're dealing with them in the context of working or running a fast-food chain (think valet Mr. Bates and housemaid Anna as fry cooks excitedly discussing the Arby's Airport Express that Lord Grantham has offered to gift them as a wedding present). 

And in case this video doesn't quite satiate your Downton craving, whip up a few dishes from The Daily Meal's Downtown Abbey-inspired menu and feast like a Crawley.