Watch Don Draper, 'Mad Men' Cast Imbibe Through Every Season

In case you forgot, Don Draper drinks a lot

Watch Don drink.

Wishing Mad Men was starting again already? Get a glimpse of your favorite Don Draper moments with Slackatory's supercut of Draper (and the whole gang) drinking — which really, is just about every moment of the show. 

Thanks to a jazzy background and the speediest business drinks we've ever seen, we're reminded just why we love Mad Men so much (and how weird it is to be drinking in the office). The moments we loved: 

• Every time Roger Sterling takes a drink of Smirnoff. 

• When Don Draper takes a swig of beer at his family's picnic (pre-Megan, of course) and chucks the beer can — classy. 

• When Peggy Olson finally loosens up and has a drink (or several) at work; the first being in Don's office. 

• Any holiday party, of course. 

• Realizing how much Don drinks while driving.... safety hazard, there? 

Check out the full supercut below.