Watch This Crazy Guy Eat Junk Food At The Gym

For most people, consuming vast quantities of food while in the process of working out at the gym is the last thing on their mind, and if anything a recipe for cramps. But one YouTuber, BigDawsTV, decided that that's exactly what he was going to do – and the results are hilarious.

In the video, our hero (with a little help from unsuspecting fellow gymrats) downs brownies and milk, doughnuts suspended from a barbell, two whole cakes, chocolate bars, beer, long john doughnuts, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, ice cream (while running sideways on a treadmill), Coke, Rice Krispie Treats, McDonald's fries, and a doughnut suspended from a fishing pole, all while attempting to do an actual high-intensity workout routine. He meets his challenges with varying levels of success (he seems to have some trouble with the fishing pole doughnut), but definitely gets his share of sugar.

The video has been around since May, but hasn't really hit it big yet. If you're looking for more from BigDawsTV, you can find their YouTube channel here