Watch A Bunch Of Dogs Freak Out Over Lemons, Limes

If you've ever been to puppy kindergarten or any type of training class for dogs, you'll know that dogs especially hate the smell of citrus. So what happens when you give them a slice of lemon or lime? Hilarity, obviously.

This genius supercut from Tastefully Offensive is exactly what we needed this Thursday morning (it's end of the week push, y'all), with plenty of adorable pups dancing around and freaking out over tiny, tiny slices of lemons. It's amazing.

Of course, not all dogs are averse to citrus, but the scent is often used to dissuade dogs from chewing on objects (like your shoes). As Karen B. London suggests over at The Bark, "To see how your dog feels about these fruits, peel a messy orange so that your hands are covered with the sticky juice and put your fingers near your dog's nose. If your dog backs away, making a face, then you've got a member of the citrus-hating majority. If your dog licks your fingers, then you don't." Genius. Or, just see if they'll eat a slice of lemon.