Watch a 'Brief History of Merlot' and His Brothers

Aww, poor Malbec. Gets ignored every time

A Brief History of Merlot

Sure, this is an ad, but it's genius so we have to give props to Gundlach Bundschu's marketing team.

Here we have the story of Merlot and his four brothers from Bordeaux. Their bios? Cabernet Sauvignon (the biggest brother, with most of the attention), Merlot (Cab's wingman, the smooth one), Cabernet Franc (the artist/misunderstood), Petit Verdot (the builder who avoided the spotlight), and Malbec (the little brother who went to South America to find himself).

Watch below as Cab and Merlot party through the '70s and '80s, as Merlot softens in the '90s, and then works himself back up into shape. Plus, there's a cameo from their cousin Pinot Noir, living in a van by the river.

As The Hairpin says, it's like a "video picture book for adults," which makes it perfect.