Watch The Adorable 'Milk In My Sippy Cup' Rap Video

Fathers who have a lot of time on their hands watching their kids may end up watching a ton of Teletubbies (Is that show still on?), but a better idea is to create a rap song with all those amazing baby toys.

Twin brothers Wax and Herbal T enlisted the help of the latter's son, Max, to play some musial toys and be completely adorable. The ensuing video, "MILK IN MY SIPPY CUP!" contains hilarious and completely jammable lyrics like, "Milk in my sippy cup/ rolling in my firetruck/ if my cup runs out of milk/ my mommy gonna fill it up."

There's also a shoutout to how good whole milk is: "Don't give me skim mommy/ gimme dat whole/ sitting sideways in my truck/ that's how I roll." Much better than the standard Dora the Explorer songs. Listen and watch below, and you can even download the song to add to your kids' playlist.


Jessica Chou is an associate editor for The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.