WashU, Meet SpoonU


WashU met SpoonU in a big way this weekend. Students rolled out of bed and over to the DUC on Saturday, January 25 at 11:30am to get the brunch of a lifetime. Vendors from around St. Louis showed up with sandwiches, snacks, and desserts galore, all for Spoon's newest followers.

Jilly's Cupcakes brought a tower of mini cupcakes, an array of sandwiches, and samples of their new cupcake-inspired ice cream line. Chill Frozen Yogurt had a full toppings bar for their favored flavors: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Lemon Sorbet, Blackberry, and Chocolate & Vanilla Swirl. Dewey's Pizza kept plates filled with slice after slice of their warm, crispy pizza with varying toppings. Snarf's sandwiches and cookies ran out quickly, along with Fitz's soda pop, PopChips, Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt, Kaldi's Coffee, Strange Donuts samples, Companion desserts, and Chipotle shirts and coupons. Many thanks to all the outstanding companies that participated in the event.

Over 400 students patiently waited in line to savor the flavors of St. Louis' finest establishments and quickly devoured all of it. A few lucky students won gift cards to Crushed Red, Kaldi's Coffee, and Three Kings by being chosen in our random raffle or by guessing the correct number of Hershey's kisses (357!). I think it's safe to say WashU meeting SpoonU was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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