Want To Smell Like Greasy Food?

The olfactory universe was rocked this week when word came out that Pizza Hut, the ubiquitous fast-food chain, would be releasing a new fragrance called "Eau de Pizza Hut." More of a marketing gimmick than an actual product (it was developed in response to a Facebook campaign, and only 110 bottles have been produced and will be given away to contest winners), it has us scratching our heads about just what was going on in the heads of the folks at Pizza Hut Canada, who conceived the idea and actually hired a fragrance company to create the stuff.

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It apparently echoes the smell of opening a box of fresh-baked pizza, with notes of bread, cheese, and pepperoni, and the response has been so great that another batch has been ordered and will be given away as gifts.

But Pizza Hut isn't alone in the strange world of food-scented fragrances (and don't even get us started on bacon; who can forget the bacon-scented shaving cream?). Here are a few more for your olfactory pleasure (or disgust).