Want to Be a Billionaire? Attend One of These 20 Universities


Not all universities are created equal, and that's a truth that goes beyond whether the institution is considered one of the elite top schools. And when it comes to billionaires, sometimes the biggest business figures never even graduated (e.g. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, who both dropped out of Harvard during their undergraduate years). According to the annual Wealth-X and UBS study, which showcases the top 20 schools in relation to how many billionaires obtained an undergraduate degree, 42 percent earned a bachelor's degree, 26 percent walked away with a master's degree, 21 percent completed an MBA, and only 11 percent went on to get a PhD.

16 of the top 20 schools are located within the United States, including the top eight, with the University of Mumbai coming in 9th and the London School of Economics and Political Science in the United Kingdom in 10th place. So, if you're contemplating which school to attend or which school to encourage your kid to attend, there's a greater chance of coming out of one of the below schools with billionaire potential.

  1. University Of Pennsylvania, United States: 25 Billionaire Undergraduate Alumni
  2. Harvard University, United States: 22
  3. Yale University, United States: 20
  4. University Of Southern California, United States: 16
  5. Princeton University, United States: 14
  6. Cornell University, United States: 14
  7. Stanford University, United States: 14
  8. University Of California, Berkeley, United States: 12
  9. University Of Mumbai, India: 12
  10. London School Of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom: 11
  11. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia: 11
  12. University Of Texas, United States: 10
  13. Dartmouth College, United States: 10
  14. University Of Michigan, United States: 10
  15. New York University, United States: 9
  16. Duke University, United States: 9
  17. Columbia University, United States: 8
  18. Brown University, United States: 8
  19. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, United States: 7
  20. Eth Zurich, Switzerland: 6