Walmart Launches Food Subscriptions And More News

The Daily Meal brings you the top news in the food world. 

Walmart's New Food Subscription: For $7 per month, you can try eight sample-size food items in the "Goodies" program. [Associated Press]

Marcus Samuelsson's Dinner for Charity: The chef invited 35 guests into his Harlem apartment to benefit the Maysles Institute, a film house and community education center. [WSJ]

Dangers of One Drink: Those who cope with stress with a drink might be at risk for bigger drinking abuse down the road. [Telegraph]

Researchers Map Pig Genomes: They hope to produce better pork in the future (and make way for better drug testing). [Huffington Post]

Wolfgang Puck Praises Meals On Wheels: Learn about the chef's personal ties to the charity organization. [Current]