'The Walking Dead' Is Upon Us

Welcome another chilling season with these amazing cocktails and party ideas

Welcome back the undead with these amazing The Walking Dead inspired cocktails

For zombie fans, October is like a gift that doesn’t stop giving. The month features nonstop opportunities to dress up, constant movie marathons and of course, the return of everyone’s favorite zombie show. Starting Oct. 13, we are inevitably going to be glued to our TV sets every Sunday night to see what happens next on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Welcoming this riveting series back to the airwaves is something worth celebrating and we have the best ideas (and cocktails) to help you welcome the gang back in style.

The Food
The Walking Dead zombies aren’t just hungry for brains; they will take anything fleshy, so long as it is living. If you'd rather not bite into a totally raw dish, there are ways to keep the spirit of the undead in your menu. You could always opt to serve "gross" food  that will make your guests second-guess their dishes or keep it simple by serving rare beef or raw dishes like sushi.

The Décor
Nothing in The Walking Dead screams "chic," so the prep for your party definitely won’t be too intense. To make your place look extra apocalyptic, collect old sheets and stain them with faux blood. Cut holes in them and once dried, drape them over furniture to create a truly haunting look. You can even take a cue from character Morgan and set up fake "zombie traps" around your place to give guests the ultimate undead experience.

The Drinks
There are tons of creepy cocktails for you to try at your Walking Dead party. But if you are looking for some authentic show-themed drinks, you have to try these cocktails from our friends at LUCID® Absinthe and Sobieski Vodka.

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