On Her Last Day, Waitress Tells Kansas Governor Sam Brownback to ‘Tip the Schools’

A waitress told the governor to ‘tip the schools’
Facebook/Boss Hawg’s Barbecue and Catering Co.

A waitress told the governor to "tip the schools."

A waitress serving her last shift at a barbecue restaurant in Kansas found herself with an uncommon opportunity when she realized Kansas Governor Sam Brownback was one of her customers. It was her last shift anyway and she felt she had to say something, so when she dropped off the check she put a big X in the “tip” line and wrote, “tip the schools” instead.

According to The New York Times, Chloe Hough had already given notice and was just working her last shift at a barbecue restaurant called Boss Hawg’s in Topeka when she realized she was waiting on Brownback. She quickly posted a message to Facebook asking her friends for advice about what to do. In the end she handed Brownback his receipt, but had crossed out the tip line and written “Tip the schools” instead.

Last month Brownback signed a controversial bill that changed funding for Kansas schools to block grant funding, which was reportedly intended to make school funding easier, but several school districts report that their funding was cut and expected to be cut further.

Houth said she did not leave the message to hurt the restaurant, which she said was a great place to work, but she says education is important because it encourages social mobility.

Hough’s sister uses special education and "has lost so many dedicated educators who've been cut due to budget cuts," Hough said. "I think it should matter to everyone."

The governor’s office has not responded to the receipt message, which Hough said she did alone without consulting a manager or supervisor.

"It was my last shift at the restaurant as I had quit so it worked out nicely," she said.

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