Waffle Cakes: Best Waffle you will ever eat!

Best Waffle you will ever eat!

Hands down the best waffle i have ever eaten. I say waffle however a waffle cake looks like a waffle but tastes nothing like anything i've ever had before. I tried the plan one and it is amazing on it's own. It found this guys on accident as i was headed to the Cherry Creek Farmers market to try a Biscuit from the Denver Biscuit Co truck. I walked by the Waffle Cakes food truck which is probalby the most unique and coolest truck i have ever seen in person. I inquired about a Waffle Cake and what i shoudl try as a first timer. The staff suggested i try a plain waffle cake and explained they are made to order on a waffle iron imported from belgium. I highly recommend giving these waffles a try as they are amazing. I plan on going back and trying a pumpkin pie or peanut butter cup waffle cake.