Wafels & Dinges: More Waffling

Wafels & Dinges in New York is reaching superstar status in the world of food trucks. They were featured on an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay on the Food Network for their waffles and they receive great ratings on many restaurant review websites. Wafels & Dinges has a variety of trucks and food carts that set up around the city, and we happened to stumble upon one when we were making our way to Central Park. I was nearly beside myself with excitement when I figured out this would be my first food adventure during our NYC weekend.

Once I collected myself and stopped taking pictures of the awesome cart, I had to make the difficult decision of what to order. I was intrigued by the "Spekuloos" topping that you could order as a topping and the man in the cart offered me a sample to see if I would like it...SOLD! The spekuloos spread tasted like a combination of a caramel sauce/gingerbread cookie with the consistency of warm peanut butter. Once I tried the spekuloos spread, I knew I had to order the Throwdown Wafel, which was the creation Wafels & Dinges made that won them the competition against Bobby Flay in his show. The Throwdown Wafel is a freshly made waffle that is topped with spekuloos spread and whipped cream.

We were served our hot waffle and found a place nearby to sit and enjoy. Again, we had to collect ourselves and eventually get past taking pictures of the waffle from every possible angle and start eating. The first bite was outstanding. The waffle was hot and had a soft inside and the spekuloos spread created a sugary-glaze that began to drip down into the waffle and the fresh whipped cream added some extra richness to each bite. It was a perfect combination that felt much more like a dessert than any sort of waffle you might have at breakfast. When I finished the waffle, I was actually a little sad and contemplated ordering another one because it was so good but I knew I was for a weekend of eating and I needed to pace myself.

However, a "wafel" from Wafels & Dinges was the perfect way to start the weekend. It cost $6 and served as proof that you can get great food in New York City without having to spend a ton of money to do it. And it's a reminder that sometimes the best food isn't always served in the traditional kitchen.

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