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Tailgating is an art form. It is the perfect blend of fanatic sports pride, savory foods that you can’t believe were cooked in the back of a truck, and plenty of delicious beer. You’re entertaining while being entertained.  While it is possible to tailgate for any beloved sport, there is no denying that football season is prime tailgate time. Don’t believe us? Just visit a university stadium in the fall and you’ll see what we mean.

Nothing compares to a college tailgate. From alumni reliving their glory days, to current students looking to have a good time, a college tailgate is an epic event. It is full of overwhelming pride, bursting with cheerful tents, iconic foods, and of course just the right atmosphere. So which college is the absolutely best to be at for a proper tailgate?

We’ve attempted to answer this question before, but this year, we’re looking to expand our list and tighten up our requirements to pull together an even more amazing list jam-packed with the best and brightest tailgates that colleges have to offer.

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