A Visit To Doe's Eat Place In Baton Rouge, La.

Peanut Butter and Peppers went on a trip to Baton Rouge, and wrote all about what she ate there. Click here for the full story. 

Doe's Eat Place is known for their fillets, porterhouse, t-bone and ribeyes that are aged a minimum of 21 days and are hand cut.  They actually sell their steak dinners by the pound!  

The inside of the restaurant is really cute too!  We ate in the bar area, which I felt was cozy and would be a real fun room to hang out in and catch the big game!  Or to just hang out with your peeps! 
Have you ever heard of Pop-Up Brunches? This was the first I have ever heard of it.  I think it's a pretty cool idea!  I think this should be done everywhere, especially when you are served such unique dishes like I am going to share with you today. 
All the food was made with and or served with Tin Roof Brewey Ales. First up on the menu is  Doe's Style Beignets. These are little fried donuts, they were so good!  I personally don't think they served enough of them at the Pop-Up Brunch!  I only got 1 1/2. Next up was Watermelon Wheat Gelled Farmers Market Fruit Salad.  This looks very unique, yet it tasted wonderful.  It was like an adult version of jello with fruit in it. Next up was Cheese Grits Arancini.  I never had grits until my trip to Baton Rouge and I have to say I like them. Next came Tin Roof Amber Batter Quail and Sweet Potato Silver Dollars.  I loved the Sweet Potato Silver Dollars. I love the looks of the next dish which was the  Tiger Deaux-nut. There is a surprise hidden underneath the egg. Lift the egg and you have pork belly and a donut!  The pork was tender and the donut was sweet and fluffy.  Crazy combo, but it worked!!  I'd order this again! The last thing on the brunch menu was the Local Fig Crepe with Coffee Porter Chocolate Ganache.  Oh my gosh it was heavenly.  I would sooooooo order this again too!  I wish I had some right now!!!
I just loved the Pop-Up Brunch. The food may sound a little crazy, but it was all unbelievable. I loved my trip to Baton Rouge because I really did have some very unique items that I would never get at home or even dream about ordering!