A Visit To Baton Rouge's White Oak Plantation

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Welcome to post 4 of my trip to Baton Rouge.  During the evening of our second day we went to the annual Chillin' and Grillin event held at White Oak Plantation.   The Chillin' and Grilin event is a buffet-style dinner where you can meet and greet with chefs and designers participating in Dining by Design. The event is sponsored by Fete Partner The Sister Dulce Foundation, Inc. The property at White Oak Plantation is simply beautiful.  It has lakes, lush gardens and even a chicken coop. 

The White Oak Plantation would be the perfect place to hold a special occasion event like a wedding or maybe to renew your vows?  hint, hint Husband!   I also met some chefs and I chatted with some wonderful people who worked at the event.  The food at Chillin and Grillin was amazing!! But I bet you are not surprised by that! I had for the first time Hog flings and red snapper. The hog flings was good, but I wasn't a fan of red snapper. I just starting trying out fish and this one wasn't for me, at least for right now.
First up on the menu was appetizers.  Everyone had a glass of wine in one hand and a plate of Hog Head Cheese, Cracklins and Boudin Blanc in the other.  I had a couple glasses of wine, but I skipped on the appetizers.  I was saving myself for dinner!!  Not to mention this is part two of Tuesday and Wednesday's post and as you can see at that point I ate a lot.  he he  So first up on the menu was the Creole Jambalaya.  This was fantastic and exactly what I think of when I think of Louisiana food.  It was delicious!!
The second thing I had was the Okra and Tomatoes. I loved this dish!! I never had okra before, but now I am going to buy some and try it out at home.  I think my family will like it?
I also had a heaping plate of the Corn Maque Choux. It kind of reminded me of cream of corn. It was so yummy!!!
I loved the food servers at the event. They were so nice and so forgiving, when all of us bloggers would ask if we can take pictures of the food! However, I have to say this weekend was the first time that I felt really welcomed as a food blogger. I tell people I am a food blogger and they just give me that kind of weird look. But at White Oak Plantation, when they were giving announcements and speeches, they welcomed the food bloggers. I felt really proud at the moment.
Next on the menu was one of my favorite things which was the sweet potato souffle. It was soooooo good! I wanted to go back and get more, but I didn't, because one I was too lazy to move and second I was holding off for dessert!
Last but not least for the dinner was the Porchetta, which was the hog flings. The meat was tender and delicious and had a wonderful smoked flavor to it.
The dessert was white chocolate bread pudding with whisky sauce. I didn't have intentions of having dessert, well ok I did, but I only went to get a cup of decafe when a lady whispered, hey come here! It was one of the server ladies and she gave me a HUGE, last piece of white chocolate bread pudding with the sauce dripping all over it. When everyone at my table saw it they all got up to get some and yes they had the bread pudding, but not that sauce over the top. I was a lucky one!!  It was incredible. One thing I noticed on my trip is that I didn't see a lot of bread on menus unless it's corn bread or bread pudding, which is probably a good thing for me.  However I have had bread pudding before, but nothing compares to the bread pudding I had in Baton Rouge.  Now these people can make a mean bread pudding that is so moist, so sweet and so out of this world.  I think I gained 5lbs. just thinking of it!!