Virgin Atlantic Reveals Swanky 'Upper Class' Seating And Bar

Way to blow the luxury-while-flying-trend out of the water, Virgin Atlantic. The airline gave a sneak-peek of its remodeled "Upper Class" section — complete with a full bar — and we're practically drooling.

The Upper Class suites, which are only available on the London-New York City route for the time being, has all the trappings of extravagance — reclining "seat beds," opaque window dividers between seats, individualized touchscreen TVs, and redesigned tableware settings. Plus, it's swathed in red and purple lighting (the airline's signature colors), plus Swarovski-studded curtains for a Playboy Lounge-vibe.

But what's even cooler is the enhanced bar in the Upper Class suites. It looks like, as Jaunted calls it, "something torn from a Starship Enterprise-themed kink club or Tron's cut scenes" — and we suspect they nailed it on the head. The 2.5-meter bar, now sitting separate from the cabin, can hold up to eight passengers looking to drink a "Big Apple Virgin."

The good news? The Upper Class suites will be added to Boeing 787s beginning in 2014. The bad news? It'll cost you — somewhere between $1,200 and $5,800. Look at the bar below; for more drool-worthy shots, check out the airline's PlaneView videos of the suites.