Vintage Champagne Goes Up For Sale

Ever want to pour yourself a glass of champagne aging back to World War II?

On June 20 in Derbyshire, two rare bottles will be put on the auction block, with estimates at between $151 and $227.

In between battles, it appears the members of the Nazi army took the time to raid the French champagne supply. Cellars were filled with the stolen goods, for the purpose of supplying the German army with constant amounts of bubbly.

Seventy years later, two of these bottles are up for auction. An unidentified member of Great Britain's Royal Air Force collected the goods, and left them to his daughter, who has kept them in immaculate condition until now.

Each of the label have these messages stamped on: "Reserved for German Army — Not for resale or purchase" and "Sales in the free market are prohibited."

For WWII enthusiasts and history buffs alike, these prices appear to be a steal, as some other vintage French champagne bottles carry much heftier price tags.