Villagers Storm Orchard and Steal All the Pears

Authorities say the villagers stole all the pears before they could be stopped

Wikimedia/Keith Weller/USDA

Hundreds of villagers reportedly stormed a pear farm in China and made off with all the fruit. 

Several people have been arrested and even more people enjoyed a tasty feast of pears after hundreds of people reportedly stormed an orchard in Henan, China, and made off with all the fruit.

According to Shanghaiist, seven people were arrested this week after hundreds of local residents marched right past the guards watching over the pear farm. They reportedly pulled down the walls around the farm and stole 300,000 yuan, or about $47,000 worth, of fruit from the farm, which is owned by the Dawu Agricultural and Livestock Group.

The company is reportedly maintaining that the villagers stormed the orchard because they wanted free fruit and were not satisfied with the company’s offer to sell fruit at wholesale prices to local residents.

“We offer them wholesale prices when they come, but some of them want more for free," said Sun Dawu, supervisory chairman of the fruit company. "When we refused, conflicts broke out and they called more villagers to break in.”


The villagers refute that statement, saying the orchard pillaging was a revenge attack because the company has been trying to illegally infringing upon residents’ land rights by building livestock facilities on disputed land in the village.