Video Proves Lobsters Are Cannibals

Holy cannoli this is disturbing; a Blair Witch-esque video has surfaced on the Web, proving that lobsters really are cannibals out in the wild.

Past reports have shown that lobsters have eaten each other while in small quarters, when caught in traps, and baby lobsters have been found in the bellies of adult lobsters. This video below, however, is proof that even in the wild, lobsters will eat young'uns if they can.

Maine graduate student Noah Oppenheim tied a baby lobster to a camera and waited to search for movements. Using infrared technology, he found that lobster predators like cod often ignored the tiny bait, but adults lobsters simply attack, even fighting over a baby lobster.

Oppenheim blamed the cannibalism on overpopulation. "If you go scuba diving out here, they're carpeting the ground," Oppenheim told The Salt. "So the rate that they encounter each other has dramatically increased." Luckily, if you really love lobster, they probably won't eat themselves to extinction, The Salt reports.