VIDEO: Paris' Best Wine Bars

Some of the best tours are ones that go in search of wine. And wine bars are the best place to really immerse oneself in the drinking of, history of, and enjoyment of wines from all over the world. So this impromptu tour of Paris' best wine bars has it all — top recommendations from locals, insight from wine bar owners, and, of course, fantastic wines.

We were pointed in the direction of Fish La Boissonnerie, Juveniles, and Albion, which are all wine lover-friendly and English-speaker-friendly. What's more, they're all ready and willing to teach their patrons about their wines and how to pair them best with the food on offer. Since we brought a video camera along for the ride, you can take a peek at which wine bars are considered among the best in the City of Light... (You'll forgive us if the video gets shakier as we go along.)