VIDEO: Michael Symon Dishes on How Chips Get Their Flavor

The chef chats about teaming up with Lay’s for their "Do Us a Flavor" campaign
How do Potato Chips Get Their Flavor?

Michael Symon, one of Lays' new spokespeople, explains how one of our favorite snacks can be so versatile


The Daily Meal caught up with celebrity chef, restaurateur, and Food Network personality Michael Symon while he was busy promoting Lay's' recently launched "Do Us a Flavor" contest in the U.S. — staying on topic, The Chew co-host was thrilled to discuss his love of chips and how they get their flavor.

With regards to how Lay's comes up with their outrageous flavors, Symon explains, "Well, it's a lot of tasting and testing, like anything else — even as a chef I've come up with thousands of ideas that never made it to the restaurant — but their basic chip recipe is great potatoes; sliced, fried, and salted."

But how about how they get the chips to taste like a particular flavor? Well, according to Symon, "There's all these great ways to flavor foods nowadays, so when you're producing tons of stuff you have the ability to dehydrate vegetables in large amounts and turn them into powders and season up those different chips with them."

For more information on how to enter the "Do Us a Flavor" competition, visit the Lay's Facebook Fan Page and be sure to submit your ideas by Oct. 6, 2012.