VIDEO: How to Taste Wine From Wine Folly

Wine Folly shows us how to taste wine without being snobby about it
How to Taste Wine from Wine Folly

Learn how to properly taste your wine from our contributor Wine Folly

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If you've ever been super impressed by wine drinkers who can guess the age of a wine and embarrassed because you can't, fear no more! It's probably because they've had 20-year-old cabernets, or whatever.

WineFolly brings us this informative (and not at all pretentious) guide to tasting wine, starting with swirling, sniffing, tasting, swallowing, and thinking about your wine. Best food for thought from this gal? A glass of primativo is not a hot dog, guys. Head on over to Wine Folly's website for the full guide to tasting wine, including where to hold the wine glass and the importance of water.