VIDEO: Chef Chris Cosentino Talks Vegetables and Wolverine

The Daily Meal chats with San Francisco's Chris Cosentino about his upcoming books
Chris Cosentino on Cookbooks and Comic Books

Chef Chris Cosentino

The Daily Meal's executive editor, Arthur Bovino, caught up with San Francisco celebrity chef and television personality Chris Cosentino to discuss his two upcoming books — a cookbook and a comic book.

The cookbook, called Beginnings: My Way to Start a Meal, is set up seasonally and features exclusively appetizer recipes. He explains that more often than not you'll hear diners remark that the dishes they enjoy most when they eat out are the starter courses. "I really wanted to focus on those courses that set the tone for the rest of the meal," he said.

At his restaurant Incanto in San Francisco, Cosentino is known for offering a variety of offal-filled dishes on his menu — with regards to that, Beginnings includes recipes for cold tripe salad, a blood sausage dish, and two foie gras dishes. But aside from the occasional offal dish, Cosentino shares that nearly 85 percent of the cookbook is comprised of vegetable dishes. "It's very easy to get people in the world to eat their vegetables, and I've been speaking very loudly about offal, so I've become known as a gut man, and I'm very proud to keep serving these cuts of meat, but for this book I wanted to flip perception."

The second book Cosentino is involved with is a comic book. He remarks, "As a kid I loved comic books, and to have the opportunity to work with Marvel and write an issue of Wolverine is amazing." The story is based in San Francisco, it's very food-based, and there will be locations in the city that people recognize (maybe some farmers markets). The expected release date is this fall.