VIDEO: Bob Blumer Makes Fresh Pasta Dish in Less Than 3 Minutes

Watch Bob Blumer make fresh pasta from scratch in the time it takes to heat up a can of SpaghettiOs
Man Vs Can with Bob Blumer

Bob Blumer shows how making dinner from scratch can be faster than from a can

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Home-cooking personality Bob Blumer's savory cupcakes may be more time-intenstive than necessary, so this time around he shows us a three-minute pasta made from raw ingredients, using just one pan and a pot of boiling water.

The mission? Make a better pasta than a can of SpaghettiOs, in the same amount of time it takes to heat up a can of SpaghettiOs. Blumer takes a pot of boiling water, some garlic, shallots, chile pepper flakes, and a tomato to make perfect pasta sauce, cooks up some angel hair, and let's it all fall into place. The genius trick? Using a grater to make instant tomato sauce. Watch it all (one curse word, so kids watch out), then head on over to Bob Blumer's website for more ideas.