VIDEO: Behind the Scenes at London’s Cheese Hub

Take a virtual tour of London’s Neal’s Yard Dairy
London's Cheese Hub: A Look Inside Neal's Yard

Walking past either of the two Neal’s Yard locations in London is nearly impossible. That’s because of the irresistible wafting scents of the enormous range of cheeses sold within; the shops are London’s cheese epicenter and are almost like an education in all things stinky, soft, creamy, and crumbly.

We got to look behind the scenes to find out what makes Neal’s Yard so special. One of the many reasons is that it’s where you can find rare cheeses not legally available in the U.S.; travelers in London should spend an hour taking a cheese tour through all the things you can’t find at home. There are, however, plenty of cheeses to hunt for at Neal’s Yard that would make prime food souvenirs to bring back home, if you can abstain from tucking into them on the plane.