Victoria Beckham’s Mom Finds Spice Girls Pizza In Freezer

"Posh Spice’s” mother recently found an old Spice Girls pizza in her freezer, and it’s everything you dreamed it would be
Twitter: Victoria Beckham

Do you wish you had this girl power pizza back when it first came out?

Hardcore Spice Girls fans of the ‘90s had the Spice Girls dolls, stickers, lollipops, and of course Spice World on VHS. But did you know they also made Spice Girls pizza? The mother of Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice) recently found a box of vintage Spice Girls pizza — each girl had their own slice shaped like a letter in the word SPICE — and Victoria (of course) Tweeted a picture of the priceless, frozen concoction.[related]

According to E! Online, Mel C’s “S” slice had tuna and cheese, Emma’s “P” slice had ham and cheese, Geri’s “I” had chilies and cheese, Mel B’s “C” had spicy beef and cheese, and Victoria’s “E” had red onions because “she knows what she wants, what she really, really wants when it comes to vegetables” (according to the box).

Victoria’s excited Tweet said, “It looks even better out of the packaging!”

No word on how the girl power pizza tastes, but it is over a decade old, and we question Victoria’s “mum’s” freezer-cleaning habits.

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