'Vice Lolly' Combines Holy Water, 80 Percent Absinthe

The Icrecreamists, London's infamous cold-dessert purveyors behind "Baby Gaga" breast milk ice cream, have done it again. Their latest product, the Vice Lolly, is a green, gun-shaped ice pop "made with Holy Water imported 576 miles from the shrine at Lourdes and blended with 80 percent Absinthe for a spiritual refreshment that is miraculous and medicinal in a single lick." Classy.

Owner Matt O'Connor wanted to "make a statement about religion," since he was born into a Catholic family. The Icecreamists, known for controversial, Sid & Nancy-esque ice cream, concocted this alcoholic ice pop to stir up some religious souls and, naturally, make some money. After three of these pops, the alcholic side effects kick in, O'Connor says.

This spiritual refreshment reportedly costs £18.58 at The Icecreamists shop in London, and the recipe is also available in The Icecreamists' new book: The Icecreamists: Vice Creams, Ice Cream Recipes & Other Guilty Pleasures. Also included in the book: the aformentioned breast milk ice cream, Che GeGuava, and Miss Whiplash. What the Vice Lolly promo below, and check out eight more ice pop flavors you didn't know existed.