A Very Vegan Valentine’s: 15 Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

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Have a decadent holiday with these conscientious treats
Vegan Valentine
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You’ll fall in love with these vegan-friendly sweets!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, lovers everywhere are searching for the perfect gift to give that special someone. While flowers are pretty and cards are considerate, chocolate is classic. There is nothing sweeter (pun intended) than savoring some mouthwatering morsels—alongside your Valentine, no less—that please the senses in a manner only chocolate can. The best news is, if you are a practicing vegan—or in love with one—you can enjoy your chocolate with a clear consicence, if you know where to look!

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People tend to forget that, akin to coffee and soy, chocolate is just a bean. Many a non-vegan has protested the notion of eschewing animal products for fear of foregoing their favorite treat: chocolate. But, ’tis not so. No one on the fence about adopting—or leaning into—a plant-based diet need fret that they won’t be able to indulge in this rich, creamy, perfect food. Deprivation has nothing to do with it.

To prove this is true, we’ve rounded up a few top notch purveyors of the silky, smooth stuff and share a bit about each in a tasty slideshow. From luscious dark chocolate to peppermint patties and even Mexican hot cocoa, we discovered a host of delicious gifts to satisfy your anti-cruelty beau, at Valentines or any other occasion throughout the year. Yum.

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Companies marked with an asterisk are 100% cruelty-free—no dairy or eggs (or gelatin, etc.) ever—and those without an asterisk offer among their products some welcome vegan varieties, to our taste buds’ delight.