Verjus: An American Chef Takes Over Paris

Approaching its two-year anniversary, there's one American-bred restaurant in Paris that has become one of the best bistros in the city. Verjus has risen in popularity due to American chef Braden Perkins' leadership in the kitchen, where he has taken his 20 years of experience living in and absorbing French culture to create a culinary masterpiece. 

While we can talk for a while about Perkins' culinary expertise, Verjus' menu speaks for itself. Perkins offers two dinner-only tasting menus that get revised almost on a daily basis, and the plates filled with creativity and delicious flavors. Some of the dishes include a duck entrée with sauerkraut, winter cabbage, oranges, mustard greens and caraway seeds, and the grilled hanger steak in oxtail broth with roasted parsnips, pickled carrots and wild greens. However, the dessert is top-notch: fresh walnut pie served with bourbon caramel, orange toffee, nut butter and whipped cream. 

If you're not only sold on Verjus' menu, the restaurant provides a very relaxed atmosphere, as one French food writer describes it as "un vibe très Brooklyn" because the dishes have a touch of comfortable aesthetics to great tasting food. Guests can feel content in the comforts of an American restaurant inside the heart of the bustling Paris city.