Venus Williams On Funny Food Cravings And Jamba Juice

"My life is one big workout," said tennis star Venus Williams.

And the sports mega-star isn't kidding. Especially now that training season is ramping up, Williams finds herself constantly on the go.

"I really don't stop when I am on my workout schedule. I like to just get it done and feel great," she said.

To fuel the hours of working out, Williams turns to juicing and smoothies to keep her focused during her training hours. In fact, she believes in the practice of juicing so much, she owns a Jamba Juice franchise in the Washington, D.C. area. She finds it to be a fitting match, since she is a huge enforcer of the "live fruitfully" lifestyle.

"I love putting ginger in my smoothies. I am on a huge ginger kick," she shared. "I'll bring green juices on the court... I like beets and oranges especially for recovery."

While you can definitely call Williams a "juicer," you most certainly can't call her a "foodie."

"When I am home, I don't focus so much on the eating. When you're on tour you have to eat so much that it becomes a job. You need a break from the eating," said Williams.

During her training season, Williams loads up on carbs like rice, pasta, and quinoa. But her cravings come in waves: One month, all she wanted was lasagna. The next, sour cream. 

"That was a weird one," she admitted. For months she would just dollop sour cream on a spoon and eat it right from the carton. "I was happy when that one was over."

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