Vented Beer Cans Come to Canada

Staff Writer
Molson and Coors will unveil new vented beer cans soon

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Molson and Coors are bringing new vented beer cans to Canada later this month.

The first twist tab vented beer cans are expected to be available all over Canada for the first time later this month. The vented cans will be featured on tall boy cans of two of the best-selling brands, Molsons Canadian and Coors Light.

The Toronto Sun reports that vented cans are specially designed with a distinct red tab and button shape on the right side of the top of the can. This new feature will ideally allow for a smoother, more enjoyable pour.

While the technology might be new to Canada, it isn’t new to Molson Coors. In 2008 the company introduced Coors Light vented widemouth cans in the US. Other innovations from Molson Coors include Coors Light’s two-stage Cold Certification bottles and aluminum widemouth bottles.

Venting the beer is a simple three-step process. Simply open the can, line the tab up with the button and press down.

Kristi Knowles, Vice-President of Marketing and Innovations at Molson Coors, told the Toronto Sun that the goal was to create fun, easy to use cans that enhance the consumer’s experience.

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The new cans will be sold in 473 mL cans starting in mid-June. National distribution in Canada is expected for the Canada Day Long weekend, Monday, July 1st.