Vegas Restaurant Is First American Eatery To Serve Kobe Beef

Restaurant menus across America claim to have Kobe beef, but according to Chef David Snyder he's the only restaurateur in America currently using the coveted tender beef from Kobe, Japan in his restaurants located in the Wynn Hotel. Most other restaurants use Wagyu beef, the so-called "domestic Kobe." But Snyder assures us he has the real deal, and has the Kobe beef statuette and certificate of authenticity to prove it.

"Kobe is by far the most tender, flavorful, and richest beef one could ever experience," Chef Snyder told The Daily Meal. "Kobe beef is one of those ingredients that every professional chef hears about as they are coming up through the ranks because it is super expensive and very hard to source."

Kobe beef has very stringent requirements. The beef must come from Tajima cattle, bred in Hyogo. The cattle themselves have to be 28-60 months old, yield a BMS of 6 or higher and the carcasses have to weigh more than 470 kg. Furthermore, the beef must be bred by association members.

That's a long list, but Snyder has covered them all, and has been recognized as an authorized restaurant partner. His shipments of beef arrive with certificates of authenticity. The delicious end-result is Kobe beef served on a cedar plank accompanied with sautéed spinach and hedgehog mushrooms at SW Steakhouse, and Kobe beef with robatayaki grilled shishito peppers, Tokyo scallions, king trumpet mushrooms, and dipping sauces, at Mizumi.