Vegas Bus Promises 45-Minute Hangover Cure

Have a big bachelor or bachelorette party coming up in Vegas? Plan ahead and hunt down the Hangover Heaven buses, set to roll out this Saturday.

Dr. James Burke, a Las Vegas-based anesthesiologist, created the concept to beat the only downside to a long night of partying on the Strip: the (almost inevitable) hangover. And they want to cure it fast: "People here start drinking at noon and drink until 2 a.m., and they don't want to be miserable in their hotel rooms," Burke told CBS News. "They want to go on a helicopter ride or go shopping."

Because it normally takes the body nearly two full days to fully metabolize and get rid of the alcohol, he says, the bus is designed to get you whipped in shape for round two in no time. After a quick medical history and checkup with a physician to determine "hangover severity," the patient gets a 45-minute treatment with an IV. The treatment isn't just meant to treat dehydration, but nausea and headaches as well. Burke says the procedure is 100 percent safe and the drugs used are the same drugs used in hospitals every day.

The three treatments, "Salvation," "Premium," and "Basic" range from $130 to $500 (plan your budget accordingly). While sitting in a bus isn't always appealing, room visits do cost a bit more. And although it's a seeminly easy fix to a heavy night of drinking, the "hangover specialist" urges people to drink responsibly. Their disclaimer: "Alcohol overdose can kill you and Hangover Heaven cannot reverse death."